Roseanne Beck is a lover of laughter. A writer of romance. And a conjurer of crazy characters.

It is her greatest hope that the people in her head entertain you as much as they do her.

She’s a physician who enjoys unleashing her creativity in her off-hours.

She loves college basketball and hates Christian Laettner.

She has way too many song lyrics rattling around in her brain. It’s a wonder there’s room for anything else.

She would love to hear from you if you’ve enjoyed her stories. If you have a spare moment, she would also love for you leave a review, so new readers can find them!


Talk to Me

Tough love is hard.

Real love is harder.

Especially when you're trying desperately to avoid it.

Austin's car accident shattered his life and his leg. His main focus is on proving his independence. Figuring out how to shut up the new voices in his head would be an added bonus. They like to converse at the most inopportune times.

Laura's built a wall around her heart. Everyone she loves ends up leaving her. She's still reeling from the death of her brother and business partner. Seems like he might not be ready to completely give up the ghost yet, though.

And then there's Aunt Marge, a world-class meddler with a penchant for oversharing. Hopefully her recipe for love is better than her sugar-free desserts.

If you like sparkling, witty banter and strong characters with a hint of the paranormal, you'll fall for TALK TO ME, because humor and love conquer all.

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Turn the Paige

Paige has everything she thinks she wants.

Nick might be the one thing she really needs.

Sometimes the best dreams are the ones you didn’t know you had.

Dr. Paige Ellis has worked hard to make her dreams come true. But somewhere along the way, she lost something important—herself.

Luckily, her dead grandmother is still looking out for her.

When Paige returns home to fulfill her Nana’s last request, she comes face-to-face with an annoying blast from her past. Not only does Nick Collins know just which buttons to push to make Paige crazy, but he also might be the one thing Paige has convinced herself she doesn’t need.

Can Nana and Nick convince an overachieving workaholic that love might be the best medicine after all?

If you enjoy enemies-to-lovers RomComs, you’ll fall for TURN THE PAIGE. Because love hurts. But it’s kind of funny.

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Single by Design

Sara's one hundred percent done with men.

Travis has never had any luck with the ladies.

Sometimes the best relationships are the ones you never see coming.

Between raising her rambunctious son, owning a business, and coming face-to-face with the ghosts of her childhood, Sara Collins has her hands full.

Investing in yet another man who's bound to let her down is the last thing she needs.

Travis Nichols is one of her brother's best friends and all-around good guy.

The only thing more painful than his injured ankle might be his difficulty talking to women. If only all of them were like Sara, he'd have it made.

As Sara wrestles with her past, will Travis help her embrace the future?

If you enjoy enemies-to-lovers RomComs, you’ll flip for SINGLE BY DESIGN. Because love hurts. But it’s kind of funny.

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